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Why use a RTO Consultant ?

The short version is, your RTO Consultant should save you time.

  • Time for you to concentration on your business,
  • Time you save by doing it right the first time,
  • Time by getting your answers in seconds not after hours of trawling through websites
  • Knowing where to get what you need quickly
A RTO Consultant should be an expert in the standards and in what the Regulator in your state requires, they should understand these requirements and explain them to you in a language that you understand.

The last thing you need is some jumped up person attempting to make them selves look powerful by attempting to confuse you with their use of strange and weird words!

Your RTO consultant should also understand your business, while they will not be an expert in what you do, they should understand what you do and how you operate.  They should take the time to learn about you and what they do, you should take the time to tell them.  Without the right knowledge they may not maximize the result you are looking for.

Your consultant should look at the big picture, ie you being a successful RTO, not about winning points with Auditors, or the regulator.

They should be able to make recommendations, make decisions and then be able to explain why they decided that.

The policies and procedures that your RTO Consultant helps you devise will need to work with your business,not just for audit, but for the rest of your time as a RTO.

Your RTO Consultant should commit to the project, ie the project of making you a RTO.  They should assist you in all aspects of that project, assist you in:

  • Developing assessment tools
  • Developing learning materials
  • Finding Trainers and Assessors who meet the need of the standards
Finally, your RTO consultant should commit to making you a RTO, after all that is why you wanted one in the first place.