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The RTO Jargon Debugger!

ASQA: Australian Skills Quality Authority.  ASQA is new National Regualtor of RTO's, currently responsible for all RTO's that deliver in more than one state, RTO's registering in Tasmania, NSW, ACT and Northern Territory and all RTO's registered for CRICOS.  In March 2012, ASQA is expected to also be responsible for registrations in South Australia and Queensland.  There is no plan for Victoria or Western Australia to relinquish their registration responsibilities to ASQA.

AQTF: Australian Qualification Training Framework.  Is the set of quality standards RTOs must adhere to be deemed "compliant".  In ASQA jurisdictions, this has been replaced with an almost identically worded Federal Legislative Instrument the "Standards for NVR Registered Training Organisations 2011"

The current version of the AQTF standards is the AQTF 2010.

Blended learning: Learning methods that combine e‑learning with other forms of flexible learning and more traditional forms of learning such as face to face classes or on the job training and assessment, becoming more popular with the increase in high end technology such as smartphones, web cams and broad band.

E-learning: E-learning refers to the use of internet and mobile telephone technology in the delivery of training. It includes the use video uploads, interactive websites, social networking software as well as mobile technologies to create more flexible learning options.

RTO/Registered training organisation (RTO): An RTO is an organisation registered by a state or territory or national regulator (ASQA) recognition authority to deliver training and/or conduct assessments and issue nationally recognised qualifications.

State training authority (STA): Also called a state/territory training authority. This is the body in each state or territory responsible for the operation of the vocational and technical education system within that jurisdiction. Each state or territory training authority participates in the formulation of national policy, planning and objectives, and promotes and implements the agreed policies and priorities within the state or territory.

Technical And Further Education (TAFE): TAFE is a publicly funded post-secondary organisation which provides a range of vocational education and training courses and other programs including: entry and bridging courses, language and literacy courses, adult basic education courses, Senior Secondary Certificate of Education courses, personal enrichment courses and small business courses. Each state and territory has its own TAFE system.

Vocational education and training (VET) : Vocational education and training is post-compulsory education and training, excluding degree and higher level programs delivered by higher education institutions, which provides people with occupational or work-related knowledge and skills.