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RTO Boot Camp 23-Mar-2018

RTO Boot Camp coming soon..... ..

RTO Events and Training for 2013 25-Feb-2012

Watch out for our new Professional Development Events.........coming soon ..

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RTO Coaching

Running a RTO is a difficult task, from the outset you are focusing on the Scope, resourcing the scope, assessment tools, trainers, learning resources etc etc etc, and that is before you focus on the Audit and any required rectifications.

Many people are so focused on getting RTO registration, that they forget about actually running a RTO.

If has been said before, but "Now that I am a RTO, now what?"

Well, we can help.

We have experienced RTO Managers, BDM Staff, Trainers and Admin staff who have all run, worked for or worked in RTO's.

Collectively we have done our Sales process, managed our sales staff (look out for the RTO Salesforce Training program), traineeship process, our sales process, admin methods, there is very little within a RTO that our staff have not experienced and mastered.

We have trained and used Vettrak, Wise.NET, JobReady and are embarking on TMDB.

If you have a question about how to get the best out of your RTO, ask us, at worse we can only say no, at best we can solve your problem.