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RTO Administration

In past years the Administration burden of RTO's has increased, in addition to the process of:
  • recording enrolments,
  • issuing of materials,
  • recording assessment progression and completion, and finally
  • issuing certificates and testamurs, 
you are now required to,
  • complete surveys for at least 50% of employers and participants,
  • complete annual reporting of completion rates,

and the future still holds AVETMISS reporting from any RTO's.

RTO's have begun to look at the advantages of outsourcing their "back office" to specialist organisations that will provide the expert support that RTO's are seeking.

RTO's of all sizes can see advantages in having their back office maintained and supported by organisations that are:

  • experts in compliance (not part timers)
  • experts in the reporting requirements (not unsure or unclear)
  • able to devote full times resources (not fitting it in as part of a larger job)
  • complete the tasks swiftly, promptly accurately on time every time (not juggling amongst ten other louder demands)
  • fixed and known cost, either per hour or per student (now able to tie down the cost of delivery, rather than have it as a "black hole")
  • access to current and powerful compliance and administration software at best possible costs
  • Automatically able to identify and if elected contact students how should be be renewing their qualifications (such as First Aid and CPR).

and yet still retain:

  • 24/7 access to data
  • full report generation
  • data security
  • NVR/AQTF2010 compliance as per the standards
Packages are tailored to suit your exact needs, and can include dedicated telephone numbers for your clients to ring for enquiries, dedicated telephone numbers, 1300 numbers for support and for contact.

Packaging can provide access to e-learning options, expanded trainer options, professional learning and recording options.

RTOsupport can help.

We have experienced staff who can help you with your:

  • Student enrolment
  • AVETMISS reporting and claiming
  • Certificate production
  • Student Administration    
  • Record Management  
  • Quality Indicator Completion Survey Data Entry
  • Maintain CRICOS obligations, reporting, student contact, etc

We can supply the software, or utilise your own.

 Call us to discuss.