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RTO Support provides independent E-Learning consultant services and blended learning advice, programs, tools and solutions. Through our own services and our Australia-wide network of vendors, we provide instructional design and learning content development services for the delivery of courses online, via distance education, in the classroom and in the workplace.

Our e-learning consultants have helped hundreds of organisations achieve strategic objectives and improve operational performance through the development of people.

What is E-Learning?

This is a phrase that is being used more and more, it relates to web based learning, ie learning and assessment that utilises some form of the internet, be it in its strictest and most basic sense, reading websites for learning material, downloading an assessment and emailing that assessment off to the RTO.  This is not anything really new, it is just replacing correspondence courses with its internet equivalent.

What is really the current definition of E-Learning?

Currently, E-Learning is all about "Rich Content" ie two way interaction of content, ie the use of interactive web pages, the viewing of video content and the UPLOADING of documentation and Video.

Before everyone starts complaining on the need for high end video cameras, remember that almost all Smartphones have quite capable video cameras and are able to upload their content to the internet (as youtube demonstrations).

We also need to remember that the VET sector is about a demonstration of skills and knowledge, so while we all can answer theory papers online, it is about the demonstration of these skills that counts.  Rich content will be about you uploading a video of you caring for a child, hammering in a nail, sewing a shirt, it about you showing that you have the skills.  When you think about it, it is no more difficult than traditional VET learning, just different and a bit high tech :).

 The software that hosts E-Learning services is called "Learning Management Systems" or LMS's.  There are a number of LMS's out there "Moodle" is a very common entry level software package, it is in the public domain and free to use.

History has shown that Moodle is cheap to get, but expensive to use, as highly skilled programmers are required to maintain the LMS. 

Other packages such as Pearsons E-College and Omnium have higher entry costs but are easier to learn, use and maintain.

Other LMS options include ITC Learnings "Coursemill" being a sweet spot between the high entry level products and the budget providers.

Google and Pearson's "OpenClass" has yet to be evaluated in use, but being part of Google's Apps is a great pedigree, check out the YouTube Video.

Time will tell.

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