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What are the better AVETMISS software companies?

Well,  I'd prefer to ask which will be the longer serving AVETMISS software companies, years ago there was only one company, if you you were there at the time you know who it is, a company renown for its great customer service, clunky software and its adherence to a server based solution, (ie software that has to run on your computer, not web based solutions).

Sometime later a new presence emerged, a revolutionary approach, web based software, any internet access will provide you access to your software, your students and your records.  This company hit the market by storm and instantly established themselves with as a presence to be recognised.

As success breeds competitors, and soon another company emerged, also web based, also entering the market by storm, high profile and immediately finding success.

Then as a gift to all three, AQTF2010 required that all RTO's have AVETMISS software, what was previously only required by Traineeship RTO's was now required by all RTO's,the market for AVETMISS software suddenly expanded four fold.

The three existing providers immediately recruited staff and launched their products into a market eager to remain compliant, but new software vendors also emerged, what was three soon became twenty three, some were great, some were ordinary and some were just awful, all were being pushed into the market, one was sent to all RTO's on a CD, ready to go, just insert the CD and pay the price, today this vendor has a good portion of the market.

Others launched their internet and email campaign, others were late to market, eventually the deadline for implementation came and went and it became expected that all RTO's had AVETMISS software.

There are about 5000 RTO's in Australia, this number suffered a big hit with the change to the Permanent Residency laws that impacted on CRICOS colleges and their course enrolment, the 5000 dwindled, and 5000 does not divide well into twenty three, especially when 3000 of the 5000 are already signed up with the big three, so we saw new marketing plans, cost competitive plans, other methods of gaining market share.

It became a race between dwindling venture capital and gaining sales.

Till we reach today, the market is mature, we all have our AVETMISS software (don't you?, if not give us a call and we will steer you in the right direction), the question now becomes two fold, the age old question:

1. What is the right software for me?

2. Will be vendor be around in twelve months?

As you are evaluating software look for the functions, look for more rare functions:
- does it process completion survey results, how does it do it, will it save me time?
- does it send reminders out for course renewals (First aid courses etc)
- does it send out reminders to trainers to update CV's and qualifications
- does it have an e-learning (the next boom in RTO's) capacity?
- does it have a document management capacity?
- how many concurrent licences
When evaluating its sustainability ask:
- what is the support infrastructure today
- who is using your software, can I have reference sites for installations like mine?
- how many installations do you have, can I have a list?
- what was your company profit last year
- where are you based?
- how many sales reps do you have
- how many IT support people do you have
- are they based off shore?
- what else does your company do beyond AVETMISS Software
Use these questions to gain a feel for the strength of the software vendor, ask yourself are they gig to be here in 12 months, ask them the same question,  Do you believe them?

We have also asked the same questions and we are here to offer our guidance should you need it.

Two state regulator have compiled lists of AVETMISS providers:

  • the Queensland Department of Education and Training list is here
  • the South Australian Department of Further Education, Employment, Science and Technology is here

 If you have any questions about the software providers please feel free to call us.

We are here to support and grow your RTO.