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Welcome to the new website!

Rod O'Donnell - Monday, October 24, 2011

When we opened in 2004 we knew that a website was a vital part of the marketing plan, we needed a 24 hour presence for people to gain knowledge and hopefully answers to many of the questions that seemed to plague people with their RTO's.

We learnt that many people do send emails in the middle of the night, that people are doing stuff at 2:47am other than sleeping, (and that we were not the only ones).

We learnt that the site was essential, well seven years later after patching, getting calls from VETAB Managers, and updating and fixing and generally panel beating it was time for a fresh site, a clean sheet of paper and a new beginning.

Welcome to teh RTOsupport website, October, 2011.  We thoguht is was ready to go, we thougth that we had debugged it we thought that it was as near perfect as possible, so we have launched it!

We since then have made changes, changed text, found those old references to VETAB, to ARC DET to TQA, missed a place to put an ASQA reference, so we are now busily improving on "perfection" making it better all the time, undergoing our own process of "Continuous Improvement".

Welcome to our own imperfect, but getting better website, makes notes, give us a call.

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