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We were impersonated !!!

Rod O'Donnell - Sunday, October 30, 2011
An interesting thing happened this week, we were impersonated by an AVETMISS software vendor.

Now we all have wanted information on our competitors, we call this market research, but how far do you go?  What is the correct thing and what is not.

Do you go through your competitors rubbish bin to see who they are writing to?

Do you hack into their computer systems?

Do you write to them claiming to be a RTO consultancy and seek commercial information on their software pricing?

Well, of the leading software vendors did the latter, they wrote to an AVETMISS vendor, pretending to be us, make some very interesting claims on our business volume (all to solicit a favorable response) and then provided their own personal email and telephone numbers.

They were so good with making themselves, in our guise, as an attractive partner, that we were contacted directly and asked if this well known member of an AVETMISS company had joined our team.

One thing let to another, we contacted the AVETMISS company, read them the email, got lied to, they got found out, letters were written, apologies were dispatched, written warnings were issued and relationships were strained.

An interesting 48 hours all around.

Moral of the story, be ethical, be proud of your efforts, be able to look at yourself in the mirror, make the world a better place.
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