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RTO Boot Camp 19-Mar-2013

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RTO Events and Training for 2013 25-Feb-2012

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Registered Training Organization (RTO) Resources, Compliance and Support

RTO Support offers help and support to all Australian Registered Training Organisations. We can help in registering and establishing an RTO, maintaining AQTF or NVR compliance with an RTO, or even just managing RTO administration. This website was established with a pool of RTO resources to help people interested in setting up a registered training organisation to learn about what is involved when establishing an RTO. If you require more detailed advice from one of our RTO consultants please give one of our friendly staff members a call on the helpline phone number listed above. 

After identifying the needs of those interested in establishing a training organisation, RTO Support was developed to offer a full advisory service for those in need across all of Australia. Our goal was to create a service that could assist RTOs in registering, operating and maintaining a fully compliant RTO that was affordable for anyone to use. The team here at RTO Support know how difficult and complex setting up a registered training organisation can be, so our RTO consultants have pooled their knowledge, resources and experience to help those who are trying to work their way through the jungle of paperwork and RTO compliance to make things easier for those with less of an understanding of the processes.

RTO Support has formed a team of highly-skilled, Australian-based advisers with many years of industry experience in all facets of practical RTO management. Their extensive knowledge of new RTO set-ups, VET sector, AQTF, NVR, CRICOS, & Audits will allow them to make the whole process from the conceptualisation of your own registered training organisation to the establishment and success of your RTO a smooth and uncomplicated process. If you would like to learn more about how we can assist you in the development of your dream RTO, give us a call on the helpline at the top of the page and speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable consultants today!


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Subscribe to your training package of choice on TGA, get updates on changes, by compliant with Conditon 9 and NVR14 for new RTO's and NVR25 for existing RTO's.  For example BSB07. look in the top right hand corner, "Notify me of changes"

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